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Our Buttons

Simply the highest quality Mother of Pearl and Buffalo Horn buttons with the highest quality service. That's what you get here at Prestige Buttons. You also get detailed information about all of our buttons here on the site. For the distinguished gentleman, there is no replacement for excellent buttons and no substitute for the level of service and reliability offered by Prestige Buttons.

Prestige Buttons was founded on the idea of bringing the very best buttons in the world directly to those that appreciate the beauty, excellence and style that only Mother of Pearl buttons can bring to a shirt. Our natural Australian Mother of Pearl buttons are cut and finished in Italy and are among the thickest MOP buttons available anywhere. In addition to a rich appearance and shine, these thick Mother of Pearl buttons represent the highest quality and resistance to chipping.


We ship anywhere in the world. You'll find that our shipping prices are more than reasonable, even to remote destinations. If you need to make special shipping arrangements, just leave us a note in your order and we'll be in touch. Use the Contact Us page to send us an email if you have any questions.

Why Mother of Pearl?

Simply put, there is no comparison between the ordinary hard plastic buttons that are common to nearly every men's dress shirt you see and the level of quality achieved by authentic Mother of Pearl.

Also known as "nacre", natural Mother of Pearl is harvested from the shells of oysters and is a durable, brilliantly iridescent material. The thickest parts of the shell are used to make the thickest and best Mother of Pearl buttons. Like any number of fine quality goods, the material cost and craftsmanship of such buttons makes for a price premium over dull, plastic, mass-produced buttons used on the commonplace shirt. Let us help your shirt go from "ordinary" to "extraordinary"!

There is a saying that it is "the clothes that make the man". Here at Prestige Buttons, we believe it is the buttons that will make the shirt. In that regard, there is no higher make than truly thick Mother of Pearl buttons.

About Prestige Buttons

Prestige Buttons was founded by Sean Paul Hopkins and Kilton Hopkins in 2009. One day the two brothers were looking at a great quality dress shirt when they noticed that it was missing a key element - natural Mother of Pearl buttons. Everything else about the shirt was superb, so how could it be missing this important piece? Then they found the answer. Thick Mother of Pearl buttons are not readily available. They decided to make it easier for everyone to find excellent pearl buttons, and so they created the company.

The brothers quickly discovered that there is a range of quality available for pearl buttons. Some are too thin or poorly made, and others have just the right combination of shine, thickness and quality. They made a promise to themselves - and the world - that Prestige Buttons would only offer the very best. Enjoy the top-quality products here on the site, and feel free to contact the brothers with any questions or comments.

About The Founders

Sean Paul Hopkins Prestige Buttons

Sean Paul Hopkins

Sean Paul is a connoisseur of fine men's clothing. He is an active participant in online discussion forums regarding men's style where he keeps his finger on the pulse of modern garment luxury.

Kilton Hopkins Prestige Buttons

Kilton Hopkins

Kilton is an entrepreneur who likes to use technology to bring new possibilities to the world. He finds opportunities wherever there is an easier or better way to accomplish something. For Prestige Buttons, this meant helping build a reliable company to provide luxurious pearl buttons to the public over the Web.